TMJ Dentists In San Diego

TMJ is a disorder of the muscles in the jaw area that affects the joint in that region as well. TMD is a short abbreviation which stands for temporomandibular joint disorder TMJ. This disorder affects the facial muscles and the joints of the jaws that are attached to the skull in a way that chewing of food becomes hard for the patient. The causes of this disorder is widely known and its rather better to have this in mind so that at any time you feel like you are having these symptoms and you are afraid you are developing the temporomandibular joint disorder you don’t hesitate to visit our center for TMJ San Diego has available. The saying that "prevention is better than cure" is why we want you to know the symptoms of this muscle disorder. That way you may be able to recognize whetehr you might have this condition before it develops into a worse condition.

The temporomandibular joint disorder is caused by the common actions that we often do unknowingly not considering that they may cause a disorder to us. The chewing of hard foods as well as continuous chewing of chewing gum for a long time is proven to be exhausting to the facial muscles and the joints in the jaw and can cause this disorder. Secondly, holding you head forward with your hands also can cause this disorder to develop as it puts force on these muscles. These are just few of the common causes. You can learn more from our web page at


 In turn, the symptoms that can help you notice that you are developing this disorder include an aching jaw and if you are having problems in chewing and grinding food, difficulty in closing and opening your mouth, pain in the face as well as the jaws.

If you have such signs and symptoms, you can contact us for help at 619-466-2774 or visit our clinic that is in town. Our doctors are professionals who are well experienced in treating this disorder of the facial muscles and jaws joints. We use the latest technology in treating atemporomandibular joint disorder. With our technology we treat this disorder causing no pain to the patient. The main area affected is identified with a x-ray before treatment. Come today for treatment of a temporomandibular joint disorder.