At the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of San Diego we have been helping patients since the year 2000.

We have 12 TMJ & Sleep Therapy international Centers situated in the US, Canada and New Zealand which are providing treatments for TMJ Pain Relief, and Sleep Apnea help. 

Our doctors are well qualified and experienced to provide non-surgical treatment to children and adults who are suffering from any type of TMJ Pain relief and Sleep Apnea Help problems

We are dedicated exclusively to the below mentioned services:

•             Evaluation and Diagnosis

•             Orthopedic Appliances

•             Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

•             Sleep Apnea Appliances

•             Sleep Apnea Screening


You can contact us by calling us at 619-466-2774 or by visiting our website at TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of San Diego

Our team of TMJ Dentists continues to provide successful non-surgical treatments since its opening in 2000. We have thousands of happy clients that are living happy life from.

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